Face Gold Needle

Face Gold Needle

What kind of method?

The radiofrequency used in medical field for many years is a classic application of (Scarlet S) gold needle treatment method. Thanks to the developments in technologies, this method has improved. Thus, new features have been added to the classical radiofrequency method, resulting in a highly effective method. The first of these new features is the fractionation of the radiofrequency method.

The difference of this technique is that the force to be applied is not whole, but from many small points side by side. However, doctors minimizes by keeping solid tissues together. In this respect, “fractional radiofrequency” devices, which are second generation radiofrequency devices, have emerged. Another new feature added after this step is the third generation of radiofrequency devices that deliver energy into the skin with micro-pins.

Face Gold Needle

Where to apply?

  • Face Gold Needle
  • Abdominal Area Gold Needle
  • Leg Area Gold Needle
  • Buttock Region Gold Needle
  • Chest Region Gold Needle
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Fields of Application

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Removal of fine wrinkles
  • Recovery of relapses in the body
  • Treatment of bruises under eyes
  • Pore tightening
  • Skin renewal and increasing skin quality
  • Sagging in the areas of face, neck and decollete
  • Scar treatment,
  • Pregnancy cracks,
  • Burn trace treatment,
  • Removing acne, acne scars, troughs and scars,
  • Treatment of cracks due to various causes such as weight loss / gain

(Scarlet S) Gold Needle Treatment and Application

Scarlet S machine gave its name to the gold needle treatment. For this reason, gold needle treatment is also called the Scarlet S method.

The treatment’s objective is to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin, and correct the scar marks at every session. In fact, plastic surgeons apply these sessions twice or three times intermittently. 


  • What Kind of Treatment is (Scarlet S) Gold Needle?
  • How is (Scarlet S) Gold Needle Treatment applied?
  • Why is It Done?
  • How Many Sessions Do You Need?
  • After (Scarlet S) Gold Needle Treatment
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What Kind of Treatment is (Scarlet S) Gold Needle?

Our skin starts aging earlier than expected because of today’s fast and modern world. Since we consume GMF and due to environmental pollution, our skin is stained and sagged besides wrinkles. Perhaps, among aesthetic treatments, (scarlet s) gold needle treatment is the safest and most efficient one. Gold needle treatment repairs the skin’s under layer by activating the cells. These cells rehabilitate the damage by themselves. Moreover, aestheticians can apply these procedures to hands, lips, cheeks, around eyes and eyebrows. It can also be performed in every season. 

(Scarlet S) Gold Needle Procedure

The Scarlet S machine has radiofrequency waves and micro gold head needles which penetrate the skin very quickly, which makes cells move and the regeneration system of the body work. Furthermore, these needles do not damage and are only personally. On the other hand, our aestheticians determine the size according to the treatment area before (scarlet s) gold needle treatment starts

Why is It Done?

In today’s modern world, it is important to be well-groomed and keep up with the latest trends. Thanks to the innovative technologies, people can resist time now, which means being ageless and young. Skincare is one of the best ways of self-care to be ageless all the time. Thus, (scarlet s) gold needle treatment is used for the purpose of renewing the skin besides these below.


  • remove wrinkles.
  • rejuvenate the skin.
  • remove slight scars, scorch, and acne marks.
  • treat bruises under eyes.
  • fix cracked skin.
  • tight pores.
  • treat acne.
  • fix neck and décolleté wrinkles and sagging.
  • tight the body.
  • lessen sweating.

People prefer (scarlet s) gold needle treatment to treat their necks, décolleté, acne marks, wounds, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, face, stretch marks and so on.

Our neck and décolleté wrinkle and sag in time. These problems cause loss of confidence. However, the Scarlet S machine is really effective to regain its youth. In addition to this, scars, because of acne, are everybody’s nightmare, but the golden needle application also makes it possible to get rid of these scars. Slight wounds can be treated, and the results are remarkable. Besides all of these, the best application of Scarlet S is skin rejuvenation because these micro needles do a great job, particularly stretch marks mostly disappear depending on the patient’s body structure with (scarlet s) gold needle treatment. These stretch marks generally form due to pregnancy, fast weight gain or lose.

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How Many Sessions Do You Need?

Firstly, our health expert will examine your skin. Then, how many sessions you will need is determined depending on your body structure, region to be treated and the number of needles to be used. You will notice the difference at the first session, but it will be more visible at the second one.

After (Scarlet S) Gold Needle Treatment

Although it is not a painful treatment, you still need to know some points. You should:

  • follow the schedule that your health expert has instructed with special gels and lotions.
  • not use oil-based cosmetics.
  • avoid direct sun exposure and wear water-based sunscreens.
  • You may have edema and redness on the treated body region.
  • However, you can use light concealer.
  • Immediately after your (scarlet s) gold needle treatment, you can turn back to your daily routines. 

Even if you start seeing the difference at the first session, you will get the best result when your body starts producing collagen, especially six months later. Your skin will have rebuilt itself at that time. To get the best result, we recommend customized (scarlet s) gold needle treatment sessions besides complementing aesthetic treatments such as mesotherapy. We would be pleased to provide you a free consultation about what kind of treatment plan will be the best for your skin and body structure.