Safe Tourism Turkey

Safe Tourism Turkey

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Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Health

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Association of Turkish Travel Agencies

Treatment In The Comfort Of Holiday

If you are looking for a place where you can rejuvenate yourself, recover from a treatment, lose weight or relief from stress Medworld is just the right place for you. Medworld offers a health holiday in the heart of the city, upon the natural beauty of sea cliffs, embedded in nature with the green Atatürk Park at Konyaalti Beach. 360 rooms or suites with panoramic view, restaurants, green park, swimming pool, recreation and 6500 m2 of wellness area, including fitness, wellness, spa and rehabilitation.

New vacation style for Antalya…

Medworld Dental Clinic


Implants, Tooth fillings & Root Canal Treatment, Hollywood Smile, Crowns, Veneers, Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), Tooth Cleaning, Laser teeth whitening, Pediatric Dentistry, Sinus Lift Operation, Sedation, 3D Dental Tomography

Medworld Hair Transplant


DHI Method, FUE Method, Hair Mesotherapy, Plasmolifting, Woman Hair Transplantation, Beard Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Transplant Programme

Medworld IV Vitamin Drip


Immune Boost IV, Vitamin C IV Therapy, Glutathione IV Therapy, Anti-Aging IV Therapy, Stress Relief IV Treatment, Energy Boost IV Treatments, Hangover Treatment

Health Programmes

Obesity Clinic

Obesity Clinic - Medworld

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also called sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a type of weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery is intended for patients who are obese, or severely overweight, not for those who only need to lose a little weight. During gastric sleeve surgery, a portion of the stomach is removed to reduce appetite and prevent over-consumption of calories. This anatomical alteration is permanent.

Gastric Balloon

In addition to surgical interventions, endoscopic interventions are also available to treat obesity. Among them the most common gastric balloon application.

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