Chemical Skin Peel

It is a procedure carried out with intent to threat acnes and reduce acne scars, threat or reduce wrinkles that have fine to medium depths, threat blemishes (to recover the structure of the skin by eliminating age spots, post-pregnancy spots, sun damage etc.), improve porous skin structure, i.e. remove the cells from the skin surface for allowing younger cells to get closer to the surface. Chemical skin peel is based on the process of peeling the skin to various depths, in accordance with the person-centered planning of certain acid derivatives such as glycolic acid, a fruit acid that has the smallest molecule.

How Is Chemical Skin Peel Performed?

It is recommended to be performed especially in winter, by ensuring a well sun protection. The applications begin to be made in low concentrations and then the concentrations are gradually increased. Session interval depends on the skin’s sensitivity. It is repeated after one week at the earliest, and the ideal time is 2 to 3 weeks. The application limit of the sessions varies depending on the person to person but it is 6 to 8 on the average. The success of the treatment is directly proportional to the person’s compliance with the recommendations.

In What Situations Is Chemical Skin Peel Not Carried Out?

In can be applied in all cases other than those involving open wounds, cold sores on the skin, allergic conditions, pregnancy, sunburns, and capillary vessels anatomically close to the surface (rosacea).

Returning To Social Life After Chemical Skin Peel

It takes 1 to 1.5 hours on average, and you can return to your social life immediately after the application. The postoperative dryness, scaling and redness on the skin do not pose any obstacle in terms of your social life. Sunscreen lotion should be applied during the day at 2-hour intervals. Turkish bath (hammam), sauna, hot water applications, massage, and exercises that cause sweating should be avoided for a certain period of time. Makeup should not be worn for a few days after the operation.