Anti Asthma

Anti Asthma


The prevalence of asthma approximately 8% in adults and 10% in children. This condition is due to inflammation of the air passages in the lungs and affects the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the airways so they become easily irritated. In an attack, the lining of the passages swell causing the airways to narrow and reducing the flow of air in and out of the lungs. Because asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition, it usually requires continuous medical care.

Medication is not the only way to control asthma. It is also important to avoid asthma triggers stimuli that irritate and inflame the airways. Each person must learn what triggers he or she should avoid. Our Anti-asthma programmes designed to combine modern medical treatments with traditional and natural treatments to control your complaints.

Anti Asthma Programme

Anti Asthma Children

Medical Services

  • General medical examination
  • Pulmonary function test with spirometry
  • Laboratory test
  • Chest x-ray
  • General medical consultation at the beginning and at the end of the programme
  • Consultation with an expert on pulmonologist
  • 3 Ozone sessions (major and/or minor)
  • Dental assessment session with dental cleaning
  • 2 sessions of Pulmonary detox nebulisation
  • Whole body hyperthermia session
  • An education for long term asthma prevention and treatment
  • Psychotherapy coaching session
  • 4 sessions of Breath therapy

Healthy Nutiriton

  • Consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapy
  • Anti-allergy modified Mediterranean diet according to the prescription
  • Natural therapeutic food and drinks, according to the prescription
  • Personalised health plan

Natural Therapies

  • 3 sessions of Traditional Chinese medicine, according to the prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture, moxibustion
  • 5 sessions of Oxygen therapy


  • Organic seaweed body wrap session
  • 4 sessions of Therapeutic treatment, according to the prescription


  • Introductory evaluation and advice class with a personal trainer
  • 2 sessions of Body & mind, according to the prescription: yoga, meditation, mindfulness
Asthma children

How our holistic ways of treating asthma can help prevent attacks?

  • Reducing food allergies,
  • Improving gut health,
  • Reducing body stress and inflammation level by acupuncture
  • Supplementing with vitamin D or getting more naturally from the sun
  • Maintaining a healthy weight