Filling; It is a procedure carried out in the treatment of contour defects that occur especially on the face, due to certain factors such as age, genetics, facial expressions, traumas and using wrong cosmetic products. Fillers last for a period that varies from person to person and depending on the application site; however, mostly the ones lasting for a period of 6 to 12 months are preferred. In addition, fillers that last for a period of 2, 3 and 4 years, which are called the “smart fillers” are also available.

Fillers applied with hyaluronic acids having various molecular weights changing depending on the application site are preferred because they have temporary effects in case of unwanted results and have also a lower incidence of allergy.

Application sites

  • Lip edges,
  • Lines at the both sides, between the nose and lip,
  • Lines above the lip, which cause the lips to look droopy.
  • Cheek enhancement (cheekbones and cheeks)
  • Forehead lines,
  • Lip enhancement …

Returning to Social Life After the Filling Process

You can have the procedure done at any time of the day, and then return to your work. A mild edema may occur. Because of the water retention property of the filler, an increase will be observed in the moisture content and quality of the skin.