Salmon DNA

This is a protocol that provides a clinically proven, brand new and superior approach to skin renewal. This protocol supports, strengthens and allows deep skin hydration. With collagen and elastin stimulation, it increases skin firmness, elasticity and brightness. It prevents radiation damage caused by UVB. It enables effective skin renewal and structuring.

The person who has a smooth, healthy looking and brighter skin gets a whole new glow. The polynucleotides (Salmon DNA) and hyaluronic acid molecules that make up this protocol are completely natural elements of the body and are a patented technology developed by Mastelli Bio-Pharmaceutical.

How to Use Salmon DNA Mesotherapy?

It is given under the skin through tiny needles. It can be used in combination or alternately with hyaluronic acid mesotherapy, which moisturizes the skin.

الحمض النووي لسمكة السلمون