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Stem Cell – Youth Vaccine

Stem cells are the main cells capable of becoming different from specialized types of cells and renewing themselves for producing more stem cells, which constitute the tissues and organs. The cells in two different groups known in the general sense, as embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, are available in many tissues of the human body but they are mostly obtained from bone marrow and adipose tissue.

Since embryonic cells are capable of becoming different from all types of cells, they are risky and their use is prohibited in our country as in many other countries.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Stem cells are available in all the tissues of the human body but they are mostly derived from adipose tissue. In the procedure, they are harvested from the patient’s own adipose tissue with an operation done in conjunction with a liposuction operation; and after subjected to separation, purification and concentration processes, they are given back to the patient. Specific systems used for this purpose purify the adipose tissue, enrich the separated stem cells, and then mix them again to prepare the graft that will be implanted in the patient.