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Pubic Lift Operation (Monsplasty )

Pubic Lift Operation - Medworld Clinic

Weight gain and loss do not only occur in the abdominal region. In fact, the pubic region tends to come to the corners throughout the body, including this. When large or large amounts of fat accumulate in this region, it can cause discomfort, resulting in a decline in freedom due to splashing beneath narrow or attached garments

A pubic lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure intended to correct and repair these issues. By removing excessive skin from the area above the pubic hair and removing fat from the region, the pubic area can be rejuvenated for a more pleasing and youthful appearance.

This will allow you to wear tight or fitted clothing in comfort again without worrying about unattractive bulges.

You will Feel comfortable in your body again and reclaim your sexuality.

This operation, performed under anesthesia, removes unwanted skin, tissues and oils from the area. The skin tightening incision is then closed with the sutures.