Anti-Smoking Programme

Anti Smoking


Smoking is a definite cause of different types of cancer, cardiovascular and chronic pulmonary diseases. The objective of the Medworld & Dr. Oz anti-tobacco programme is to stop smoking naturally and healthily; to recover the natural functions of the organism (lungs and other organs). Medworld & Dr. Oz anti-tobacco programme involves finding out about the addiction profile of each guest beforehand and then working on the physical and mental conditioning factors in a personalized way.

Anti-Smoking Programme - 7 DAYS

Anti Smoking

Medical Services

  • General medical examination
  • Pulmonary function test with spirometry
  • Laboratory test
  • Electrocardiogram
  • General medical consultation at the beginning, and at the end of the programme

Healthy Nutiriton

  • Consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapies
  • Modified Mediterranean diet according to the prescription
  • Nutrition follow-up during the stay
  • Natural therapeutic drinks, according to the prescription
  • Natural therapeutic foods, according to the prescription

Natural Therapies

  • 4x Traditional Chinese medicine consultation, according to the prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or moxibustion
  • 4x Body & mind sessions, according to the prescription: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, chi-kung or pranayama techniques
  • 2 sessions Pulmonary Detox nebulisation
  • 1 session Colon Hydrotherapy sessions
  • 4 sessions Breath therapy


  • Access to the relaxation area ( sauna-steam bath-Turkish bath-fitness area-swimming pool)
  • 3 sessions  Ozone Sauna therapy
  • 5 sessions Oxygen therapy
  • 1 session Dental assessment session with dental cleaning
  • 2 sessions Psychotherapy coaching sessions
  • 1 session  Medworld VIP Hamam treatment
  • 3 sessions Detoxifying seaweed body wrap
  • 3 sessions Therapeutic treatment sessions, according to the prescription (deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, relaxing massage, lymphatic drainage massage or shiatsu)