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Expanded Man’s Health


The male and female bodies, including the brain structure, have many differences. Because of these differences, the physical and psychological needs of men and women are different. In addition, disease risks are also different. However, many men do not realize that they have special health needs, even men are neglecting their health.

Expanded Man’s Health Programme

Men often feel the burden of life and family on their shoulders. Also for many men, the health of their family is more important than their health. But today, as in all areas of health, we are approaching the health of the individual as a holistic approach. For this reason we have a call to men who are family dad: the health of your family depends on your health before everything else.

With the Expanded Men’s Health programme, we have created a special health programme for men by taking into consideration factors such as age, work stress, habits, nutrition, sexual health and etc.

Expanded Men’s Health Programme - 7 Days

In Vitro Fertilisation Programme Details

Medical Services

  • General medical examination
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing (including PSA and testosterone levels)
  • General medical consultation at the beginning, and at the end of the programme
  • Consultation with the urologist
  • Sexual health assessment
  • Eco-bone Densitometry
  • Echography
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Consultation with a cardiologist
  • Consultation with an expert in genetic and anti-aging medicine at the beginning and at the end of the programme
  • Capillary health assessment
  • 3 Ozone sessions (major and/or minor)
  • Psychotherapy coaching session

Healthy Nutiriton

  • Consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapies
  • Modified Mediterranean Diet according to the prescription
  • Nutrition follow-up during the stay
  • Natural therapeutic food and drinks, according to the prescription
  • Personalised health plan

Natural Therapies

  • 3 sessions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, according to the prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture
  • 1 Colon hydrotherapy session
  • 5 sessions of Oxygen Therapy
  • 2 Body & mind sessions, according to the prescription: yoga, meditation, art therapy


  • Access to the Relaxation Area (Sauna-Steam Bath-Turkish Bath-Swimming Pool)
  • 5 Lymphatic drainage treatments
  • 2 Sessions of Detoxifying seaweed wrap
  • Foot care treatment


  • “Slim & Fit” or “Detox Retreat” body treatments
  • Introductory evaluation and advice class with a personal trainer
  • 5 sessions with a personal trainer, may include some of these disciplines: electro-stimulation, cardio-tone circuit, Pilates mat, reformer Pilates, crunch, total body, fat-burn, bosu forte, body weight treatment

Extra: PRP, ESW, Psychotherapy, Intim toys