Health Optimization

Immune Boost IV

Immune Boost Programme / 5 DAYS

Our immune systems are our primal systems of defence. The mechanisms behind our immune reactions allow us to safely interact with and adapt to our ever changing environments.

60 Plus Seniors Programme - Medworld Clinic

60 Plus Wellness Programme / 7 DAYS

The aim of our 60 Plus Wellness Programme is to provide health promotion and disease prevention to seniors and to help them maintain their present level of independence.

Anti Stress

Anti Stress & Sleep Recovery Programm / 7 DAYS

Medworld is the perfect place to think about these habits that exacerbate stress and come up with a personalized plan to cut down on stress levels to enjoy a better quality of life.

male mammoplasty (breast reduction) gynecomastia surgery Turkey

Expanded Man’s Health / 7 DAYS

The male and female bodies, including the brain structure, have many differences. Because of these differences, the physical and psychological needs of men and women are different. In addition, disease risks are also different. However, many men do not realize that they have special health needs, even men are neglecting their health.

Women's Health Programme

Women’s Health Programme / 7 DAYS

This is a program in which the most advanced Western technologies are combined with a special integrated approach, developed specifically for women includes a comprehensive analysis of the current health state, helps to strengthen the immunity system, improve the overall physical and psychological state of the body.

Anti Smoking

Anti-Smoking / 7 DAYS

Give up smoking once and forever with «anti-smoking programme» by finding out your addiction profile, working on the physical and mental factors, get your treatment in a personalized way and prevent any future relapses. 7 days Programme includes: Electrocardiogram, Pulmonary function tests, Laboratory tests, Oxygen bar & Ozone sessions, Dental check-up & cleaning, spa treatments

Anti Asthma

Anti Asthma / 7 DAYS

The 7-day Anti-Asthma program includes: consultation with a pulmonologist, a personalized Mediterranean diet with a hypoallergenic modification, laboratory tests, oxygen and ozone therapy, lung detoxification, spa treatments and much more.

family Baby Planning Programme

Family & Baby Planning / 7 DAYS

In order to optimize the fertility, taking better care of bodies is a good first step. Women also must know well her cycles, understand and feels what her body is saying. Healthy, well-balanced diet help prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy by giving her adequate stores of critical nutrients such as calcium, protein and iron. Right planned physical activities help to prepare for the demands of pregnancy and labor.

Health Programmes for Children

Health Programmes for Children / 5 DAYS

Holiday and preventive medical treatment in Antalya is the best gift that I can give my child to good parents. The Mediterranean weather helps to increase immunity, reduce the likelihood of catarrhal diseases of children during the off-season, to avoid allergic reactions, and also strengthens the musculoskeletal system.