Health Programmes for Children

Health Programmes for Children


Our rehabilitation center has developed special health programmes that use optimal combinations and a set of procedures to achieve an effective therapeutic and healing effect. Holiday and preventive medical treatment in Antalya is the best gift that I can give my child to good parents. The Mediterranean weather helps to increase immunity, reduce the likelihood of catarrhal diseases of children during the off-season, to avoid allergic reactions, and also strengthens the musculoskeletal system.


The program helps to solve the problem of posture in children, strengthen muscles, the skeletal system, normalize the work of other body systems, eliminate back pain, and teach correct posture.

  • General medical examination
  • Laboratory tests
  • 2 consultations with a rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist
  • ‘Rainbow Turkish Bath” treatment
  • Manual therapy session
  • 5 back massages aimed to unblock the spine, relax muscles, fix the posture
  • 5 sessions of hot Sea Mud Body Wrap
  • 10 sessions of undulation therapy
  • 4 sessions of electrical stimulation
  • 3 oxygen therapy sessions


The programme is aimed at strengthening immunity in children, increasing the protective functions of the body and reducing the likelihood of a cold.

  • General medical examination
  • Laboratory tests
  • Consultation of a rehabilitation doctor
  • Consultation with a nutrition expert, a personalised nutrition  plan
  • “Rainbow Turkish Bath” treatment
  • 5 massages with herbal oils (Natural medicine)
  • 5 sessions of Hot Sea Mud Body Wrap
  • 3 sessions of “Ozone-sauna”
  • 3 sessions of “Oxygen therapy”