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Losing and gaining weight, frequently, causes our skin to sag down in some parts of our body. People’s mons pubis is one of these parts. As a result, people can not get rid of this excessive fat and skin by doing exercises or dieting. Moreover, fatty and saggy mons pubis makes people uncomfortable. Thus, pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) is a surgical operation to remove this extra fat and skin. Furthermore, this plastic surgery rejuvenates the skin, so people can wear tighter clothes that fit them with comfort. It is done to reshape people’s mons pubis. After monsplasty, it takes at least 2 months to heal. Surgery scar is an inevitable part of this operation. Thanks to the new technologies, surgeons are able to minimize it. Also, it provides comfort and improves function.

Why Do People Have Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)?

After some aesthetic operations like liposuction and tummy tuck, fat and extra skin in mons pubis may be more recognizable. For this reason, our surgeons recommend you to get pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) with these surgeries. Also, there are other factors that cause extra skin and fat in mons pubis such as pregnancy, excessive weight loss and aging. Collagen, in our body, gives our skin its flexibility, which allows our skin to stretch. However, it can not turn back to its normal shape if the skin is not flexible, so it hangs. Thus, hanging mons pubis may negatively affect psychological health, which causes depression, stress, and anxiety. For this reason, it is a good idea to have pubic lift surgery (monsplasty).

pubic lift surgery (monsplasty)
Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty).

Before Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)

Primarily, your medical records and general health will be evaluated by our plastic surgeon. At this point, you should inform your doctor about any chronic diseases or medications that you take regularly and past surgeries. Blood thinner medications like aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs will put you at risk. Next, your mons pubis will be examined while standing. Your plastic surgeon makes some marks to determine incision places and reshape it by removing extra fat and saggy skin. In addition, our health experts will take before and after photos of you to see the difference after your pubic lift surgery (monsplasty)

During Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)

Surgeons can perform the surgery under local or general anesthesia, so you will decide which one will be better in your case with your surgeon before your surgery. Mostly, pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) is performed under general anesthesia. Thus, patients do not feel any pain. However, your surgeon may prefer local anesthesia, which means, just your mons pubis is numbed and you are sedated. With the help of sedatives, you fall asleep during the procedure, but can easily be awakened.

When you are asleep, your surgeon makes a horizontal incision on your mons pubis to remove excessive fat and skin. Next, your muscles and tissue are reshaped, and the incisions are sutured. However, surgeons leave silicon drainage tubes open for fluid accumulation or bleeding. By this way, they can suck the blood or the fluid.

After Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)

When pubic lift surgery is completed, you can go home on the same day. However, you will be asked to stay at the hospital if you have complementary surgeries such as tummy tuck and liposuction. In addition, your surgeon will provide compression garments for your mons pubis or wrap flexible bandages on your incisions to prevent any swelling and maintain its new shape. Also, you should have someone that will drive you home and spend the first 24 hours with you because you will not be able to drive due to the side effects of anesthesia. What’s more, you should not do any activity that will cause your incisions to open. Hence, it is good for you to have someone that will do your chores for you on the first day of your Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)

Am I a Good Candidate For a Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)?

If you:

  • are having difficulty in cleaning your mons pubis
  • get infected and have rashes
  • have saggy skin and excessive fat in your mons pubis
  • are having difficulty in peeing and sex due to the structure of your mons pubis
  • If your general health is good, which means that you do not have any chronic disease like diabetes, heart diseases or cancer

do not smoke or are willing to stop smoking during your Pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) process.

Pubic lift surgery (monsplasty)
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What Are The Advantages of Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)?

  • After the surgery, most patients feel very happy with their body and they regain their self-confidence. They show off their new body. Moreover, they feel more comfortable in well-fit clothes.
  • They feel more comfortable with intercourse and peeing.
  • Taking a shower, cleaning their genitals and mons pubis are easier.
  • If patients maintain their weight stable, the result will be permanent.
  • It is not a risky procedure, but safe. There are just a few side effects or complications.  

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the risks below.

What Are The Risks of Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)?

As with all surgical operations, this operation carries some risks. For example:

    • Since it is performed under anesthesia, anesthesia risks.
    • Recovery problems.
    • Getting infected if incisions are not taken care of properly.
    • Hematoma and seroma, which means fluid and blood accumulation.
    • Numbness in the area because some nerves may be damaged while removing fat and extra tissue. However, they regain their sensitivity in time.
    • Swelling is the most common side effect of the operation.
    • Surgery scar, which is an inevitable part of every surgery.
    • If pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) is not conducted in good hands, patients’ mons pubis will be asymmetrical and the skin will be loose again.
    • Discoloration on the skin.

The Recovery Period of Pubic Lift Surgery (Monsplasty)

The first few days are the most painful for you, but doctors prescribe painkillers to relieve your pain besides inflammatory drugs. For this reason, you should share your medical records and any allergies with your doctor at your first appointment. These painkillers will be helpful. Also, you can compress ice around your incisions to reduce pain and swelling. Furthermore, you should not worry about bruises because they are one of the most common side effects of a surgery, and they will disappear in a week. In addition to these, fluid may accumulate, or you may experience slight bleeding. Nonetheless, your doctor can drain these. 

After a week, you will feel better because your pain will be less. However, you should not work in the first 14 days. Although you can turn back to your daily routine and start working, you must not do any strenuous activities for at least 2 months. The reason is that it takes 2 months for the incisions to recover completely.

You should also know that every patient’s recovery time is different because everybody’s body

What to Ask Your Doctor?

  • Are you a good candidate?
  • Whether to have complementary procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck with pubic lift surgery (monsplasty).
  • Depending on your overall health and body structure, how long does it take to recover?
  • What is the expected result and look of your mons pubis after your operation.
  • You should also ask for other patients’ before and after photos.
  • What are the risks and complications?
  • What to do after your surgery to fasten your recovery.
  • When to turn back to your daily routine and social life after your pubic lift surgery (monsplasty)?
pubic lift surgery (monsplasty)
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have a job that requires heavy physical activity, you can start working in 2 weeks. Also, you can return to school after 2 weeks, as long as you do not do harsh activities that will force your incisions. On the other hand, patients whose job includes heavy duty should wait more until their incisions are completely recovered. 

Even if you can take short walks, you will not be able to do exercises that force your mons pubis until 2 months. 

Our doctor will schedule follow-up examinations with you. Your first appointment will be after a week to check your suture. Depending on your pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) procedure, your sutures may be dissolvable. Besides these, you should immediately call your doctor if you have any unusual side effects such as arrhythmia, pain in the chest and dyspnea (shortness of breath).

Everybody can have pubic lift surgery (monsplasty) unless they have any other serious health condition that may affect the operation adversely.

As with every surgical operation, pain is a common side effect of pubic lift surgery (monsplasty), but you can manage your pain with the help of painkillers.