Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

What is Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery in Turkey?

A boob lift, commonly known as a mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey, is a cosmetic boob surgery that aims to reshape and lift sagging or drooping boobs. The procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening the boob tissue to achieve a more youthful, perky appearance. A mastopexy surgery is typically recommended for women who have experienced a loss of boob volume and shape due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or the natural aging process. In addition to lifting the boobs, plastic surgeons also perform mastopexy to reposition the nipples and areola for a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing result. Whether you’re looking to restore your pre-baby body or simply enhance your natural shape, a boob lift may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Breast lift surgery is rarely performed under general anesthesia. Technically, it looks like a breast reduction operation.

Breast lift

Over the years, breast tissue has lost its shape due to gravitational, breastfeeding, hormonal changes and moves in the direction of bulk sagging of the contained tissues.

The main difference in breast reduction surgery from breast reduction surgery is that the reduction of breast volume is minimal or not at all.

Sutures that are not taken under the skin are usually used in breast surgery. For this reason, it is not necessary to remove the stitches.

However, in some rare cases where stitches to be taken are used, they can be taken on about the 10th day.

Why is Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery Done in Turkey?

Plastic surgeons perform mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons why people choose to have a mastopexy include:

Sagging boobs

As women age, their boobs may begin to sag due to factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity. A mastopexy can lift and reshape the boobs to create a more youthful appearance.

Extra skin

Women who have lost a significant amount of weight may have excess skin around their boobs. A mastopexy can remove this extra skin and create a more toned and tightened appearance.

Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

Asymmetrical boobs

Many women have boobs that are different sizes or shapes, which can be a source of insecurity or discomfort. Plastic surgeons can use a mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey to create more symmetrical boobs.

Nipple and areola placement

Sometimes, the nipples and areolas may be too low or unevenly placed on the boobs due to gravity or other factors. A mastopexy can reposition these areas to create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

Overall, a mastopexy is a highly customizable procedure that can address a range of concerns and help women feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

Things to Consider Before Undergoing Your Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery in Turkey

Before deciding to undergo a mastopexy surgery, there are a few things to consider, including the cost of the procedure. The cost of a mastopexy can vary depending on factors such as the plastic surgeon’s experience, the location of the surgery, and the extent of the procedure. It is important to research and compare the costs of different plastic surgeons and clinics to ensure that you are getting a fair and competitive price. Additionally, some insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of a mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey if it is deemed medically necessary. It’s significant to check with your insurance provider to see what kind of coverage may be available to you. By taking the time to consider the cost of the procedure and researching your options, you can make an informed decision about whether a mastopexy is the right choice for you.

Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

What to Do Before Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery in Turkey?

If you are considering a mastopexy surgery, there are several things you can do to prepare and ensure a successful outcome. First, it’s important to engage in pre-mastopexy care, which may include quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding certain medications that can increase the risk of bleeding. Additionally, you can prepare for the mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey by discussing your goals and expectations with your plastic surgeon. Also, you can review the potential risks and complications associated with the surgery. Your plastic surgeon may also recommend that you undergo a mammogram or boob ultrasound prior to the procedure. As a result, they ensure that there are no underlying issues that could impact the surgery. Lastly, following a mastopexy diet plan can help to promote healing and reduce the risk of complications. This may include eating nutrient-dense foods, staying hydrated, and avoiding foods that are high in sodium and sugar. By taking these steps to prepare for your mastopexy surgery, you can help to ensure a successful outcome and a smooth recovery.

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During the Procedure – What to Expect During & After Your Surgery?

During mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey, an experienced plastic surgeon will make incisions. These are around the areola and possibly down to the base of the boob. The plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue to reshape the boob and reposition the nipple and areola to a higher, more youthful position. The surgery usually takes several hours and is performed under general anesthesia for your comfort. After the procedure, you may experience pain and discomfort. However, you can manage the pain with prescribed pain medication. It’s important to note that the mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey recovery time can vary. It depends on the extent of the procedure and your overall health. Moreover, your plastic surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your boobs during the healing process. These include how to clean the incision site and when to come back for follow-up appointments. 

Breast Reduction recovery process

Post-Surgery Care – How to Prepare for a Successful Recovery?

  • Ask for help from someone to drive you back home for the first day of your surgery.
  • Stock up on supplies that you will need during your recovery, such as loose-fitting clothing, comfortable bras, and ice packs.
  • Plan to take time off work and other responsibilities to give your body time to heal.
  • Arrange for any necessary help with childcare, pet care, or household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning.
  • Follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions for postoperative care, including how to clean the incision site, take medication, and care for your boobs during the healing process.
  • Wear a compression garment as directed by your plastic surgeon to help reduce swelling and promote healing.

As a result, you can minimize discomfort, reduce the risk of complications, and promote a successful outcome after your mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey.

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The Basics of Mastopexy Incisions and Scars

In addition to the things above, it’s important to understand the different types of incisions and scars that may result. While every patient’s anatomy and goals are different, there are several common mastopexy incisions. Furthermore, your plastic surgeon may consider the amount of sagging or drooping you have, the size of your boobs, and your overall aesthetic goals.

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Comparing the Different Mastopexy Incision Types

Crescent Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

Another type of mastopexy incision is the crescent lift used in mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey. This incision type is best for patients who only require a small amount of lifting or reshaping. In addition, it involves a crescent-shaped incision made along the upper edge of the areola. Your plastic surgeon can use the crescent lift with other incision types for a more comprehensive boob lift.

Donut Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

The donut lift is a less invasive option than the other types of incisions. This technique involves making an incision around the areola and removing a donut-shaped piece of skin. Then, your plastic surgeon repositions the remaining skin and sutures in place. As a result,

breast augmentation surgery

your boobs meet a lifted appearance. However, this technique may not be suitable for patients with more significant sagging or drooping.

Vertical or Lollipop Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

The vertical or lollipop lift is a popular option for patients with moderate to severe sagging. This technique involves making an incision around the areola and vertically down the center of the boob. It results in a lollipop-shaped scar. This type of incision can result in a more dramatic lift and reshaping of the boob. However, it may also result in more noticeable scarring after mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey.

In conclusion, the choice of mastopexy incision will depend on the individual patient’s needs and goals. In addition to this, the plastic surgeon’s expertise and experience. Discuss your options with your plastic surgeon to determine the best approach for your specific case.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery in Turkey

Improved Appearance

One of the main benefits of getting a boob lift is that it can improve your appearance. The surgery can lift sagging boobs, giving them a more youthful and perkier look. This boosts your self-esteem and confidence.


boob lift surgery can also help to make your boobs more symmetrical. If you have one boob that is larger or lower than the other, a boob lift can help to balance them out.

Better Clothing Fit

Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

After a mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey, you may find that your clothes fit better. Furthermore, your boobs will be lifted and firmer. This makes it easier to find bras and clothes that fit properly.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, the results of a boob lift can be long-lasting. While your boobs will continue to age naturally, the lift should remain intact for many years.

Exploring the Cons of a Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery in Turkey


One of the biggest cons of boob lift surgery is scarring. Mastopexy incisions typically leave scars that can be noticeable, especially in the first few months after surgery. However, most scars will fade over time and can be easily hidden with clothing.

Risks and Complications

As with any surgery, mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey carries risks and potential complications. These can include bleeding, infection, anesthesia risks, and changes in nipple sensation.

Mastopexy (Boob lift) Surgery in Turkey

Cost of Mestopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery in Turkey

Boob lift surgery can be expensive, especially if you are also having other procedures done at the same time. It is an important factor in the cost of the surgery when deciding if a boob lift is right for you.

Recovery Time

Mastopexy surgery requires a significant amount of recovery time. You will need to take time off work and avoid certain activities for several weeks. This can be a challenge for those with busy schedules or demanding jobs.

In conclusion, boob lift surgery can provide many benefits, but it is essential to carefully consider the pros and cons before making a decision. If you are interested in a boob lift, talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if the mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey is right for you.

Understanding the Differences Between Boob Implants and Mastopexies

Boob enhancement and boob lift surgeries are two common procedures that can help women achieve their desired boob size and shape. While both procedures can be used to enhance the appearance of the boobs, they serve different purposes. Understanding the differences between boob implants and mastopexies is crucial in deciding which procedure is right for you.

How Do Boob Implants Differ from Mastopexies?

Boob implants and mastopexies differ in several ways. boob implants involve inserting silicone or saline implants to enhance boob size, while mastopexy is used to lift sagging boobs by removing excess skin and reshaping the boob tissue. Boob implant surgery

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

typically takes less time to perform than a mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey. Yet, recovery time can vary for both procedures. In addition, boob implants may need to be replaced over time, while mastopexy results are typically long-lasting.

What are the Benefits of Each Procedure?

Boob implants offer many benefits, including increased boob size, improved boob symmetry, and enhanced self-confidence. Also, they can improve the overall appearance of the boobs. Moreover, they help clothing fit better and create a more youthful silhouette. On the other hand, mastopexy surgery can help restore a more youthful boob shape and position.  Especially after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, you meet your younger boobs again. Moreover, it can also help alleviate discomfort associated with sagging boobs and improve overall body image.

Ultimately, the decision between boob implants and mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey will depend on individual goals and preferences.

When to call the doctor?

If you experience severe pain, excessive bleeding, infection, or signs of an allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, you should contact your doctor immediately. In addition, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and seek medical attention if any concerns arise.

How Long Do The Effects of Mastopexy (Boob Lift) Surgery Last?

After mastopexy surgery, your boobs will continue to age and be affected by gravity. However, the results of a boob lift are long-lasting, and you can enjoy the benefits of a lifted and more youthful appearance for many years. The duration of the results depends on factors such as the quality of the skin, the size of the boobs, and the patient’s lifestyle habits. For this reason, you should maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, and wear supportive bras to help prolong the effects of a boob lift. While a mastopexy (boob lift) surgery in Turkey does not stop the aging process, it can provide a significant improvement in the appearance of sagging boobs for a considerable amount of time.

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