Malar Augmentation

The distinctive cheekbone operation is one of the important processes that make the face look young.

Elastic bone aesthetic surgery and non-surgical fill injection techniques can be done.

When the cheek bone is not in the required size, the prosthesis is used as a surgical procedure.

When properly planned, such prostheses can have as good an effect as you can not predict. All faces where the jaw or cheek bone is not in the required size may benefit from such prostheses.

If there is sagging on the cheek, the cheek bone and cheek stretching operation can be done together.

In addition, since the dislocated cheekbones are better than an oval one, it may be necessary to perform a chin aesthetic when necessary.

This procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia.

Usually the patient can be discharged by a 2 hour rest period after an operation of 1 hour duration.