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What is Chin Augmentation Filler?

The female or male chin augmentation filler procedure is a nonsurgical operation. Plastic surgeons conduct this treatment for the purpose of reshaping and contouring the chin. Generally, people prefer chin fillers to have a more symmetrical face structure and their dream side profile. 

With this treatment, the jawline becomes stronger and the face gains a younger appearance. Thanks to the injections, the neck and face gain hard-edge. Because it is a simple procedure, plastic surgeons can conduct the treatment in a clinic or office. They apply a gel-like medical substance into the soft tissue. In addition to these, chin fillers are temporary and preferred instead of chin implants, which are permanent. 

If you are interested in having the female or male chin augmentation filler procedure, you should consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Even if it is a simple procedure, there are some risks and complications. The reason for this is there are many medical substances used in the treatment. Thus, it is best to discuss your options with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. 

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What Are The Reasons That People Prefer Female or Male Chin Augmentation Fillers?

Firstly, chin fillers restore the lost volume in the face, chin, and neck because of aging. Nevertheless, there are other reasons. For example; to:

  • make the chin stronger and hard-edged
  • increase the emphasis of the chin
  • have a more symmetrical facial features
  • make the face bottom more proportionate
  • contouring the neck and jawline 
  • restore lost volume and structure
  • alter the chin’s structure
  • decrease cleft chin
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How Long Do Female or Male Chin Augmentation Fillers Last?

As we mentioned before, there are many medical gel-like substances used as chin fillers. However, they all have different effects. Moreover, the person’s skin type, body structure and place of the treatment area. On the other hand, your female or male chin augmentation filler procedure will last longer if denser medical substances are injected deeper. Yet, your cosmetic surgeon may suggest otherwise.

If it is your first time, your surgeon will suggest hyaluronic acid fillers. The reason for this is they are temporary and last from 6 to 12 months. In addition to this, calcium hydroxylapatite is another option for a year. 

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What To Expect From Chin Filler Procedure?

Firstly, everybody who is interested in chin augmentation fillers should consult a professional cosmetic surgeon. The reason for this is you have a chance to ask every question that preoccupies your mind and talk about your worries. Furthermore, you can learn the details, side effects, complications, and risks of chin filler procedures. What’s more, your surgeon will also ask you questions about your medical history and examine your chin, face, and neck. Your medical records help you decide to have the female or male chin augmentation filler procedure. 

Once you make your decision, it is a one visit procedure. At your chin filler treatment visit, your surgeon will clean the treatment area. Also, a numbing lotion is applied. Then, your surgeon will inject medical augmentation filler substances into your soft tissue. The surgeon must inject these substances strategically and professionally to give you the best result and dream look you have always wanted. 

Soon after the procedure, most people notice the difference. Nevertheless, some people may have different experiences due to the substances used or the injection area. While some do not experience any swelling or bruising, others may experience these for a few days. This results from the skin type or the injection area. In conclusion, you can turn back to your daily life and routine on the same day. On the other hand, most surgeons want their patients to have a rest for 2 days. In addition, you should not do any strenuous exercises or activities after the female or male chin augmentation filler procedure.

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Risks and Complications Of Chin Augmentation Filler Procedure

As with all surgical procedures, there are some risks and complications in chin filler procedures as well. However, they are minimal. Here are some of these side effects and complications:

  • Scarring
  • swelling
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Itching
  • Distortion
  • Overfilling
  • Abscess
  • Migration, which means the chin filler substance moves to another area.

If the body does not accept the chin filler substance, its immune system sees it as a harmful object and attacks it. For this reason, a hard lump occurs under the skin. Also, there are some rare complications like:

  • Stroke
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Blindness

On the other hand, choosing an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon can minimize these risks and complications. Our patient consultants and surgeons are ready to evaluate your case. In addition, we provide free consultation.

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How Much Does a Female or Male Chin Augmentation Filler Procedure Cost?

The female or male chin augmentation filler procedure costs vary depending on several factors like:

  • Geographical location 
  • Procedure technique
  • Medical substances used
  • The surgeons qualifications and experience
  • The size of the treatment area
  • How much time and effort the surgeon will spend for the procedure.

Even if the American Society of Plastic Surgeon shared this price list, chin filler cost in Turkey is more affordable than any other country. In addition, Turkey’s healthcare service is one of the best in the world.

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Alternatives For Chin Augmentation Fillers

If you want a more permanent solution, here are some alternatives for you.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure, even if it includes injections. In other words, plastic surgeons collect excessive fat from other parts of the body. For example, abdomen, tummy, or buttocks. It is a liposuction process. After they purify the collected fat, they inject this pure fat into the treatment area. With these injections, the chin, face, and neck wherever is the treatment area regains its volume. Also, fat grafting helps to fill creases by contouring instead of the female or male chin augmentation filler procedure. When the skin supplies blood to this grafted fat, half of it survives. On the other hand, to get the best result, a professional and qualified specialist must perform the procedure. For this reason, you should choose a certified plastic surgeon for fat grafting.

Chin Augmentation Implants

Chin implants are a cosmetic surgery. In this procedure, cosmetic surgeons place a custom-made chin implant. Moreover, it takes less than 60 minutes. Chin augmentation implants improve your chin and facial structure. Your face will be more proportionate. However, you should know that it is a permanent adjustment.

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People can have chin augmentation fillers to reshape their chin to make it more symmetrical or hard-edged. In addition, this cosmetic treatment is nonsurgical. Surgeons use dermal fillers to augment the chin’s volume. Surgeons inject these dermal fillers into the soft tissue. Moreover, the female or male chin augmentation filler procedure is temporary. To be sure if you are a good candidate for chin filler treatment, you should consult with an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon. We provide free consultation for you. Click here to read about cheek filler procedure.