Arm Stretch

Brachioplasty is the term used to describe an arm lift.

The procedure is used when one develops loose skin in the upper arms.

The upper arm region, is the pazu skin, may progress in age and especially in the final weight loss. When the arm is lifted up and short-sleeved clothing is worn, it disturbs the person.

Arm aesthetics have become essential for body beauty.

Depending on the aging process, the effect of gravity, the loss of deep elasticity and the reduction of the subcutaneous fat touch, especially the back sagging from the back and inner face of the upper arm, occurs.

Arm Stretch

The surgical technique to be performed depends on the depth of sagging and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue. If there is a skin loosening due to weight gain or loss, the thickness may be too high. Liposuction is applied first. Then, excess skin that leads to saggy skin removes.

Arm stretching surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia in hospital conditions. The average duration of operation is 1,5-2 hours. Patients who undergo surgery under general anesthesia may be discharged the following day,

while those with local surgery may be discharged on the same day.

Kol germe ameliyatı, hastane koşullarında genel veya lokal anestezi altında yapılır. Ortalama operasyon süresi 1,5-2 saattir. Genel anestezi altında ameliyat edilen hastalar ertesi gün taburcu edilebilir. Lokal anestezi olan hastalar aynı gün çıkarılabilir.