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What is Hydrafacial (Hydro-facial)?

Every one of us has something to change about our appearance, especially our skin. Your skin may be oily, or maybe you do not like your nose structure. You may not like your coloring on your skin, or maybe you are experiencing hyperpigmentation. Hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey are the best solution to make your skin healthier and younger. Then, what are anti-aging hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey?

Aestheticians perform hydrafacial treatment with the help of a machine which has a magical wand. They glide this magical wand on your skin in every step of the treatment. This machine is called hydra-dermabrasion and it is medical grade. In addition, a Hydra-dermabrasion machine firstly cleanses your skin and exfoliates it. Also, it infuses intensive serums into your skin. 

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What are Hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey?

Step-1 Exfoliation

The first step of anti-aging hydrafacial treatment in Turkey is exfoliation. Exfoliation leads to cell renewal because our cells constantly die and revitalize again on their own. However, vortex exfoliation fastens the process, so your skin gets younger. Also, exfoliation improves your skin coloring. Because of dead cells, our skin is not bright and does not look clean. Thanks to the exfoliation step, your dead cells fall fast and new healthy cells generate. Thus, your skin becomes brighter and looks clean.

Your aesthetician sweeps these dead cells away. By the way, exfoliation helps to open your pores, so your skin gets hydrated. 

Step-2 Acid Peeling

Even if its name worries you, it is not a harmful substance. Actually, it is a nutrient-rich substance which includes salicylic and glycolic acid. These ingredients do not irritate skin. In the past, acid applications used to cause pain and burning. However, hydrafacial acid peeling loosens dead cell accumulation from inside, and it is removed later. This process refreshes and softens the skin during anti-aging hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey?

Step-3 Extraction

Again, in the past, aestheticians used to pinch the pores to pop dead cell accumulation out. However, the hydrafacial extraction step is not something like that. It is painless. In this process, your aesthetician will suck the dead cell accumulation and debris, after acid peeling, out with the magic wand. It is a very simple process and according to your skin, the strength degree can be adjusted. 

Step-4 Serum

At this step, your aesthetician injects a serum which includes antioxidants and collagen. These substances hydrate your skin and provide elasticity. Also, it improves coloring of the skin, sun damages, oiliness, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. 

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Before Anti Aging Hydrafacial Treatment and Steps in Turkey

To get the best result and meet your expectations after your hydrafacial treatment, preparing for the treatment is also important. Thus, you will get the best out of your hydrafacial treatment if you follow pre-hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey instructions below.

Pre-hydrafacial Treatment Instructions

  • Six months before your treatment, stop taking some medications like accutane, which is an isotretinoin.
  • 2 days before your treatment, stop using tretinoin and retin-A.
  • Do not use any glycolic acid and have exfoliation 2 days before.
  • For 14 days before your hydrafacial treatment, do not use any chemical products and wax 
  • You must not use salicylic acid and medications for acne such as benzoyl peroxide for 2 days before.
  • Do not sunbath for 4 days before.
  • You are allowed to get Botox on the same day of your hydrafacial treatment. On the other hand, you are not supposed to get Botox 2 weeks before it.
  • You must not shave on the day of your anti-aging hydrafacial treatment, steps in Turkey.
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Post-hydrafacial Treatment Instructions

  • Do not expose yourself to the sunlight directly for 4 days after your anti-aging hydrafacial treatment.
  • Use PCA and hydropeptide cleanser to wash your face. This is because other chemical products are harmful to your skin.
  • You should also use hyaluronic acid serum for a month. 
  • Using hydropeptide sunscreen is beneficial during the first week.
  • For 2 days, do not use retin-A and depilatories.
  • In addition to the things above, you must not use chemical peelings and lasers for 14 days.
  • Moreover, you must not take acne medications such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
  • On the other hand, having exfoliation again may damage your skin.
  • On the first day of your anti-aging hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey, you must not take a hot shower or go into steam rooms. Heat is also harmful to your skin.
  • To wear makeup, you should wait for a day.
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Why is Anti-Aging Hydrafacial Treatment in Turkey So Popular?

In recent years, anti aging hydrafacial treatment for skin has become so popular because of its applicability to all skin related problems, all ages and skin types. With this treatment, everyone can get rid of their wrinkles, creases, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Moreover, hydrafacial treatment hydrates the skin besides recovering hyperpigmentation. What’s more, it cleans pores and tightens them, besides treating oily skin. No matter what your age is, what skin problem you have, hydrafacial is the best choice to rejuvenate your skin and make it healthier after anti-aging hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey

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What to Expect After Anti-Aging Hydrafacial Treatment Steps in Turkey?

Even if it is the latest and most effective skin treatment in the world, the results depend on the aesthetician’s qualifications and experience as well. On the other hand, the machine’s magical wand makes the treatment easier and more effective with the help of the aesthetician’s skillful hands. Once you have this experience and see hydrafacial’s consistent results, you will want it again and again. Every time you get a hydrafacial treatment, it will always be painless and effective.


Are There Any Side Effects of Anti-Aging Hydrafacial Treatment in Turkey?

Unlike other extraction skin treatments, there are no serious side effects of anti-aging hydrafacial treatment. Maybe, you have had negative experiences with extraction treatments. However, hydrafacial is not like them. On the contrary, anti-aging hydrafacial treatment is like a soft massage therapy. It is as relaxing as a massage. There are no scar risks or inflammation. 

You need several sessions with other treatments to see the results. On the other hand, you will be satisfied with the result immediately after hydrafacial treatment. Your skin will be healthier, brighter and moisturized after anti-aging hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey. Furthermore, it takes only 30 minutes. Imagine you have to attend an event soon. You have a chance to make yourself younger in a short time. Everybody will be surprised while you are glamming up. 

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Anti-Aging Hydrafacial Treatment in Turkey is Customizable

Depending on your expectations, dreams and skin type, your aesthetician can adjust your hydrafacial treatment. For example, you may want to increase your skin’s volume to correct your creases and wrinkles. In addition, you may ask for more brightness and moisture for your skin. During your anti-aging hydrafacial treatment steps in Turkey consultation, your aesthetician will decide the amount of salicylic, glycolic acid peeling ingredients. To meet your expectations, there are several customizable boosters. Your aesthetician will also evaluate your past skin treatments to get the best result. Hydrafacial machines can be used for all parts of your skin, as its strength degree is adjustable too. Your aesthetician can adjust the degree according to your lips or under eye. 

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You are Free to Get Other Aesthetic Treatments with Hydrafacial

You can consult about your other treatment options that your aesthetician can perform after hydrafacial treatment. Time is so valuable for all of us and nobody wants to spend too much time at a clinic. 

Get an Anti-Aging Hydrafacial Treatment in Turkey

With the latest trend, health tourism, you can invest in your skin while you are enjoying your holiday. It is the best choice to rejuvenate your skin and look younger. Moreover, there are no side effects besides being fast. We provide free consultation and our patient consultants are always ready to answer all your questions. Click here to read more about our aesthetic treatment options and learn the details.