Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoartritis (Hip Arthritis)

Arthritis refers to degeneration of the cartilages in the joints. When the cartilaginous structure of the hip joint is damaged and deteriorated, it loses its lubricity and causes pain and restriction of movement. For this reason, this condition is called hip arthritis and requires hip osteoarthritis treatment.

What Are The Findings Of The Hip Osteoartritis?

Patients usually come to the doctor with one of the following complaints:

  • Joint stiffness after getting out of bed or sitting for a long time
  • Pain, swelling or tenderness in the hip joint
  • Feeling of the bone rubbing against the bone or sounding due to this
  • Decrease in hip range of motion that prevents walking and causes limping
  • Inability to meet needs such as wearing socks and shoes
  • Hip joint pain that increases especially in rainy weather
  • Over time, the symptoms may increase and occur even at rest (at night).
Hip Osteoarthritis treatment

How Is The Hip Osteoarthritis Diagnosed?


  • Your doctor will often suspect osteoarthritis when questioning the patient and during a hip exam.
  • Tenderness in the hip joint
  • Range of motion of the hip
  • Whether there is sound from the hip joint
  • Presence of pain with hip movement on examination
  • Your walk

And your doctor evaluates the condition of the muscles and ligaments around the hip.

In addition, the diagnosis is confirmed by visualization of hip calcification on x-ray. Typically, narrowing of the joint space and the formation of bone protrusions around the joint. Rarely MRI is needed

Treatment Of The Hip Osteoarthritis

Treatment Of The Hip Osteoarthritis

As a beginning, physical therapy applications are among the most frequently used treatment options in the treatment of hip arthritis. Moreover, electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, short wave, superficial heat applications, halotherapy are the most commonly used physical therapy methods. Also, in-water exercises and spa treatment are effective treatment methods in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis.

Finally, ozone, hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma and cortisone injections into the hip joint can be used in appropriate situations.

How can I prevent my hip arthritis from getting worse?

Hip osteoarthritis treatment options in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey

  • Weight management
  • Medical treatment
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Stretching
  • Self-care
  • Supplements
  • Walking aids
  • Surgical operation.
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Hip osteoarthritis condition

Because the gristle supporting our joints drains away, friction between bones start, which damages our bones and causes inflammation. Consequently, it results in muscle stiffness and pain, which requires hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse. 

Hence, our physical therapists recommend the most convenient treatment depending on your:

  • Medical history
  • General health
  • How serious joint involvement is
  • How serious symptoms are
  • Limitation of movement
  • Limitation of bearing weight
  • Individual elements.

To start with, the main objectives of hip osteoarthritis treatment are to increase flexibility, mobility and relieve the pain. Next, preliminary treatment is physical therapy and rehabilitation by doing stretching exercise. However, the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis get worse in time because it is degenerative. 

Weight management for hip osteoarthritis treatment

Over weight people are more likely to develop osteoarthritis because of extra weight that causes more force on hip joints. In addition to the force, the joints get infected because of extra weight, which requires hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse. 

Since the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis get worse and progress due to over weight, our physical therapists, doctors firstly recommend weight management depending on your personal health factors. Furthermore, you will be provided with the best physical exercise program and dietary adjustments to lose weight by your professional. 

Medical treatment for hip osteoarthritis treatment

Besides physical exercise program and weight management, medications to relieve your pain take an important place in your procedure of hip osteoarthritis treatment. Thus, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as naproxen, tramadol, ibuprofen, duloxetine, and acetaminophen are used for lighter cases. 

Steroid injections for hip osteoarthritis treatment

Additionally, steroid injections help to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and swelling, but they are temporary. Nonetheless, it is not possible to use them for a long time for hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse. 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation for hip osteoarthritis treatment

Since physical therapy exercise helps the patient to lose weight in addition to increasing mobility, flexibility and strengthening muscles, it is crucial to stop and prevent hip arthritis from getting worse. However, these physical therapy exercises must be low-impact, not to put too much force on the damaged hip joints. Thus, physical therapy experts mostly recommend tai chi. Additionally, walking, muscle strengthening exercises, swimming, yoga and cycling are among these low-impact exercises. For this reason, not to get injured again while doing your physical exercises, it is good for you to consult your physical therapist and get a program created just for you related to your individual needs. Because our physical therapists know that doing exercise with a partner motivates patients, they accompany their patients and suggest them to work with someone during hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse. 

hip osteoarthritis treatment

Stretching for hip osteoarthritis treatment to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse.

To relieve the pain safely, you must be careful while doing your exercises, so be careful about these below:

  • Absolutely, seek advice of a physical therapist and show your exercise program before you do it. 
  • Do not start with an intense exercise program. Start with low-impact exercises.
  • When your pain escalates, stop and have a break.
  • Regain your flexibility slowly by doing stretching exercises softly.

At first, stretching far may be hard for you, but it gets easier when you start regaining your flexibility. In addition to these, day by day, you can upgrade your exercises for hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse. What’s more, you can do the following stretching exercises.

Standing forward fold

Firstly, you can sit on a chair or stand and lean forward. While stretching, feel the strain in your low back and hips. 

Knee pull-in

As a second, lie on the floor face up and raise your knees up. Pull your knees in and out. Feel the stretch. 

Single leg balance with extension

Thirdly, place your hand on the wall while standing and extend your one leg up and out. 

Cobra stretching exercise

Finally, lie on the floor faced down. Put your palms on the floor and push yourself up to lift your chest. By the way, you will feel the stretch in your hips and low back, so do it for 20 seconds. 

Also, you can do the exercises below by consulting your physical therapist for hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse.

  • Seated spinal twist pose
  • Standing hip flexor stretches
  • Extended side angle pose 
  • Sitting stretches. 

Self-care for hip osteoarthritis treatment

For hip osteoarthritis treatment and to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse, awareness is really important. Moreover, you should:

  • Take a part in your treatment process actively.
  • Learn about what hip osteoarthritis is.
  • Search what treatment options you have.
  • Commit yourself to your healthy diet and exercise program.
  • Be in a healthy communication with your physical therapist.

In addition to the things above, a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on your treatment.

  • Regulate your sleeping time.
  • Get support for your other physical and mental health conditions.
  • Have a healthy diet.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol during hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse.

While having a positive, social and active lifestyle has a positive impact on the treatment, having a depressive and unhealthy lifestyle can bring along some mental health problems such as anxiety and depression with hip osteoarthritis. 

Alternative therapies and supplements for hip osteoarthritis treatment

  • Heat applications with some ointments.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Acupuncture.

What to avoid if you have hip osteoarthritis

Firstly, seek advice from your physical therapist before you use supplements because your medications may interact with the supplements you may use, or some supplements may affect your treatment process adversely. 

Walking aids for hip osteoarthritis treatment

In addition to the things we mentioned, walking aids such as walking stick and walking frame depressurize your hips and support your joints. Also, they decrease falling risk and maintain your body balance during hip osteoarthritis treatment in Antalya, Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to prevent hip arthritis from getting worse

While using a walking stick

  • Firstly, your walking stick’s height should be as high as your wrist.
  • Secondly, you should use your walking stick with the strong side of your body, which means the opposite side of your hip osteoarthritis. 

Generally, insurance companies cover the cost. 

Surgical operation for hip osteoarthritis treatment

When the other treatments do not work and hip osteoarthritis is more severe, you will be recommended surgery because of the limitations in your life and mobility.