Low Back Pain Rehabilitation

Man with Back Pain


Just like you can pull a muscle in your hamstring, you can pull a muscle in your back when you bend or stoop. Your lower back is extremely complex so injuries can occur to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, discs or nerves.

Low back pain can be categorized by the length of time you’ve had symptoms for. Here are the three main stages:

Acute low back pain – pain over the last couple of weeks.

Sub-acute low back pain – have experienced pain for two to twelve weeks.

Persistent/chronic low back pain – longer term pain lasting more than 12 weeks.

Low Back Pain Rehabilitation / 7 Days

Back Pain Treatment
  • Physical Evaluation
  • Vip Hamam (Turkish Bath) Program at Medworld
  • Regular Consultations with Physical Therapy Doctor
  • Consultation with Dietician
  • Individual Tests and Treatment Plan
  • A total of 7 days of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation: The length of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation session in our center is 3 hours. The program includes: Physiotherapy, Diadynamic Therapy, Interferential Therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electroplating, Lontophoresis, Laser Spot Treatments, Neural Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Acupuncture, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Ozone Therapy, Manuel Therapy, Therapeutic Massage,  Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Paraffin Wax Treatment For Hands and Feet, Therapeutic Mud Application, Sea Salt Application Therapy enriched  with pine essential oils and pine extract.
  • Sports Therapist Sessions
  • Access to Health Club ( Sauna-Steam Bath, Turkish Bath, Gym, Swimming Pool)
  • 24/7 Online Assistance
  • Customized Patient Services in English, Russian, German, Arabic and French.


Low Back Pain

Due to its prevalence, low back pain is maybe the most important physical health issue in everyone’s life. All of us have experienced acute back pain at least once, twice or more in our lifetime. The incidence of people experiencing low back pain is not slight. From 75 to 85 percent of people from all ages have had acute back pain once. However, this physical health issue is the most primary reason for adults to see a physician.

The center of our body is the waist. Despite all our hard and constant movements, it resists gravity every day. Hence, it is exposed to constant strains and affected most. 

The Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Our professional physiotherapist working in Med World Clinic Antalya divide the most common causes of lower back pain into two categories as inflammatory and, degenerative and mechanical causes. 

What are Low Back Pain’s Inflammatory Causes

    • Tuberculosis infections
    • Brucella infections
    • (rheumatoid spondylitis) Inflammatory rheumatism
    • Cancer tumors

Because of these inflammations, pain in the back increases, especially at nights. In the mornings, when patients get up and starts moving, moving helps to reduce pain. If patients apply heat to the region of pain, this application strengthens the pain in the back. In Med World Clinic, Turkish Physiotherapists can make blood tests to detect inflammatory disorders because some impairments in blood tests indicates joint or muscle inflammations.

What are Low Back Pain’s Degenerative and Mechanical Causes?

95 percent of all low back pain or back pain consists of degenerative and mechanical causes. Calcification due to some reasons and tissue aging comprise degenerative low back pain causes. On the other hand, muscle weakness, disc hernias, increase in lumbar lordosis angle, lumbarization, trauma and sacralization constitute mechanical low back pain causes. Low back pain or back pain reduces when patients rest and increases when they move. Unlike inflammatory reasons, heat helps to reduce back pain caused by mechanical reasons, while cold causes an increase. Moreover, back pain can decrease or increase depending on the position of the body, as short-term muscle stiffness has been observed in patients. Counter to inflammatory causes, mechanical causes can not be detected by doctors through blood tests.

How Low Back Pain is Treated in Med World Clinic

Medication and Rehabilitation

Related to the low back pain caused by mechanical or degenerative reasons, using cortisone or anti-inflammatory drugs is needed in the course of intense pain. However, ordinary painkillers may be enough for dull aches. Our Physiotherapists in Med World Clinic in Antalya suggest their patients to have rest in bed for a few days. Being on bed rest for a few days is adequate for young acute low back pain. Following full bed rest, patients get back into circulation day by day.

Physical Therapy and Physical Exercise

Patients with low back pain should strengthen their muscles to meet with the difficulties of their lumbar vertebrae. Furthermore, flexibility is also essential for waist and back. To provide muscle strength and flexibility, some physical exercises must be done. Nevertheless, not all types of exercises are appropriate for every patient. Based on patients’ age, needs, and the type of the pain, Med World Clinic Physiotherapist determine which exercise to use.

There are several types of exercises like traction, heaters (deep and superficial heaters), and currents that are analgesic. Our qualified physiotherapists apply these exercise methods relating to their patient’s low back pain type (acute or chronic). Using these exercise therapies helps to relieve pain, regenerate decomposed tissue, relax stiff muscles and speed up the healing process. Prescribing in regard to the type of low back pain (acute or chronic low back pain) is of capital importance. 

Whether to have an Operation?

If patient’s a great amount of nerve roots are damaged, surgical operation is needed. Besides damaged nerve roots, cauda equina syndrome, damaged bladder nerve cases requires surgical operation. To succeed in the surgery and to relieve pain in the low back, Surgeons must evaluate these very well. Furthermore, in Med World Clinic, our professional Turkish surgeons may utilize various alternative and complementary treatments.

How to be Safe from Low Back Pain?

  • Patients should definitely use an underbust or a pillow while they are sitting.
  • They should not stand or sit more than 50 minutes.
  • They should protect their waist and back region from too much heat or cold.
  • Furthermore, they should not squat.
  • They should bend laterally and lean to pick something up from the floor.
  • They should get themselves an orthopedic bed as well.

Are These Packages Painful?

Our Turkish Physiotherapists reassure their patients that these physical therapies are not painful, and they do not feel any ache during the treatment process. On the other hand, patients with joint disease may experience some pain while doing physical therapy exercises that their physiotherapist perform.

Special Situations in Which Physical Rehabilitation is not Possible

Inflammatory rheumatic disorders include some periods when patients’ joins are hot, painful and also swollen. Thus, it is not convenient to get physical therapy during this period. In addition, patients with inflamed and open wounds, embolism and varicose veins should not receive physical therapy.

Does Physical Rehabilitation include Any Side Effects or Risks for Patients?

Among Medical Treatments, Physical Rehabilitation is a treatment method including really few risks and side effects. Very few patients can scarcely experience side effects like sensitivity or redness of the skin after physical therapy. Even if they are not very common, there are few serious risks like cardiac arrhythmia, skin hypersensitivity and burns, changing blood pressure etc.

However, these risks are experienced rarely on our Professional Turkish Physiotherapists’ hands and thanks to the most convenient application. Because they get detailed information about their patients such as their prior medical treatments, allergies and other disorders they have and drugs they use.