Cervical Kyphosis

Cervical kyphosis treatment

What is Cervical Kyphosis?

7 vertebrae of the spine consist of 33 vertebrae located in the neck. In healthy individuals, these vertebrae are arranged in a C-shaped, slightly curved way, while for some reason these vertebrae become a straight line. This natural curvature, also known as cervical lordosis, loses its curved structure due to various reasons and is called as Cervical Kyphosis. On the other hand, in some advanced cases, the vertebrae that have the shape of “I” can be bent in the opposite direction, which requires the best cervical kyphosis treatment in Medworld clinic, Turkey.

Reasons for Cervical Kyphosis

  • Reduced physical activity
  • Working long hours at a desk
  • Sitting at the screen for a long time
  • Incorrect posture
  • Using computers and phones for a long time
Cervical Kyphosis

How the Cervical Kyphosis can be treated?

It is very important to inform and raise awareness of patients adequately in the treatment of Cervical Kyphosis. Moreover, the habit of exercising should be established. Nevertheless, treatment methods such as superficial or deep hot applications, relaxation movements, electrotherapy, massage with some medications, acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone applications, meso-therapy, and electromagnetic therapy are the methods used in Cervical Kyphosis cases.

The Treatment, Symptoms, and Medical Diagnosis of Cervical Spine Kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey

C like curve is the normal shape of the spine in the front neck and lordotic-shaped curve in the back of the neck. Besides curvature of the spine in the cervical spine causing our head to bend forward and further away from our body center, any other extreme curvature of the spine is called kyphosis. 

C like curve appearance in the back of the neck that stems from the excessive kyphotic curvature of the cervical spine is cervical kyphosis that mostly old women have. For this reason, to receive the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey, it is really essential to find out what type of kyphosis you have and the severity of the abnormality.

How Do Our Physicians Diagnose Cervical Kyphosis?

Abnormally curved forward or pretty straight neck means cervical kyphosis. On the other hand, cervical kyphosis that results from a pretty straight neck is also military neck because people that have an unusual straight neck stand like soldiers standing at attention.

How the Cervical Kyphosis can be treated?

Primarily, our physicians conduct a comprehensive check-up and assess medical records of their patients’ completely to find out their cervical kyphosis causes. Then, their first check-up is to assess the patient’s pain and the function of the patient’s neck and any irritability. Besides this, to detect damaged nerves exiting from the spine, they do other tests. In addition, they detect any nerve irritability, loss of arm, and leg reflexes and strength, and numbness in hands, arms and legs with these tests to perform the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey.

Using X-rays to Diagnose Cervical Spine Kyphosis

Through x-ray, spine curvature at least 50 or more degrees can be seen. Even if surgeons can not see soft tissues such as muscles, nerves and discs, they can see the cervical spine bones clearly through x-rays. Thus, x-rays are useful tools to detect malformations of the spine like cervical kyphosis. Also, these tools reveal the severeness of the spine malformation, infections, fractures or any tumor. Besides detecting the patient’s cervical kyphosis, doctors can see the reason. 

What causes cervical kyphosis

People can develop cervical kyphosis at any age. 

Underlying iatrogenic reasons

Due to medical treatments such as surgical operations or radiation, cervical kyphosis can emerge. As an effect of Laminectomy, a surgical operation applied mostly to children, children can develop cervical kyphosis. On the other hand, another iatrogenic reason for cervical kyphosis is an unsuccessful spine fusion, which requires the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey

Disc malfunction

As people grow older, vertebrae discs start collapsing. For this reason, emasculating discs can not carry the neck and head, so they start to bend forward. This bending causes the neck to curve forward as well. The patient’s head weight makes it worse over years, which leads to cervical kyphosis. 

Innate cervical kyphosis

Spinal bone deformity before birth is an innate kyphosis. For this reason, as infants grow and age, kyphosis progresses. However, Marfan and Ehlers Danlos syndromes may be underlying reasons for kyphosis. Thus, preventive treatments such as physical therapy, and chiropractic and the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey are crucial to stop the progress. 

Physical Traumas

Physical injuries to the vertebrae like car accidents, sports injuries can result in fractures, which can result in kyphosis due to compression. As a result, when the trauma is provoked, lumbar spinal stenosis develops.

Other reasons for cervical kyphosis

  • Neuromuscular health problems
  • Metabolic health issues
  • Improper body posture (Among adolescents, mostly.)
  • Cancer (chemotherapy)
  • Spina bifida
  • Glass bone disease
  • Scheuermann’s Kyphosis.

What are the symptoms of Cervical Kyphosis

Symptoms and signs of Newly-started cervical kyphosis can not be realized, although stiffness and back pain can be felt. Also, factors like how much the kyphosis has progressed, age and severeness have an effect on the symptoms. 

Early symptoms to have the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey

  • Visible extraordinary curve
  • Pain in the neck
  • Unequal height of shoulders
  • Stiffness
  • Headaches.

Severe kyphosis symptoms to have the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey

  • Because of nerve entrapment, numbness, pain, and tingling
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Limitation of limb movement
  • Dropped head
  • Shortness of breath and respiratory distress.

When cervical spine kyphosis progresses too much, it will cause a decline in self-confidence. Hence, to overcome cervical spine kyphosis, the patient should get detailed information about the treatment options for it. 

How to treat cervical kyphosis

The difficulty in kyphosis is that every case is very different from each other. Moreover, there are many surgical and nonsurgical treatments for kyphosis. As a result, considering your symptoms, causes, and severeness of your spinal kyphosis, our doctors will customize a treatment program for the best treatment of cervical spine kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey

Severe Spinal Kyphosis Treatments

  • Physical exercise: Before having a surgery, your doctor may ask you to do some physical exercises to fix your posture and cervical kyphosis because physical therapy and rehabilitation is beneficial. 
  • Cervical traction: This treatment is done to decrease the pressure on the nerves around the damaged disc. However, it must be done by professional hands. 
  • Bracing for children: Also, bracing is beneficial with the kyphosis cases among children. 
cervical spine kyphosis
  • Surgical operation: The most prevalent kyphosis surgery is sectional instrumentation with spinal fusion.  
  • An individually planned cervical spine kyphosis treatment as the best in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey. 

There are some other options, such as using a pillow designed for cervical kyphosis. Actually, it is not a real medical treatment. However, it may decrease the pain in the neck and back.

If cervical kyphosis is diagnosed early and the treatment starts early, chances of recovery are higher. If you think that you or someone around you have cervical kyphosis, it is best for you to consult a physician and start your treatment as soon as possible. 

We are experts of diagnoses and treatments of cervical spine kyphosis

To sum up, At Medworld Clinic, Antalya, Turkey, our medical personnel are ready to solve all your problems with a high quality treatment plan prepared just for you. Moreover, as Medworld Clinic, Antalya, Turkey, we try to offer you the most efficient and professional healthcare service to you with honesty and integrity. Besides all of these, we have a commitment to get the best results from the diagnoses and treatments of all kinds of spinal kyphosis from all ages. Also, recommendations, from the experiences of our own patients, about non-surgical and surgical treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation, customized medical treatments, are provided. In addition, our physiotherapists, physicians, doctors, and surgeons are leading experts nationally and internationally. In addition, they participate in all innovative research studies around the world to offer the best treatments of cervical spine kyphosis and all types of kyphosis in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey. To get a free consultation about your case, contact our clinic.