Cervical Disc Hernia

Cervical Disc Hernia

What is Cervical Disc Hernia?

As a beginning, Cervical Disc Hernia can cause that the disc’s cushioning task to be lost due to trauma, stress, accidents, or aging and also that the disc center to lose its fluid content, which requires cervical herniated disc treatment. Hence, as the disc continues to deteriorate, the outer layer can also tear, and the center comes out from a tear in the outer layer. Moreover, it overflows into the space where the nerves and spinal cord are located, thus causing cervical disc hernia. Our neck consists of 7 vertebrae and there are discs between our vertebrae that allow us to move.

The disc, which is the most important structure connecting one vertebra to another, is made of strong connective tissue and acts as a cushion or shock absorber between the vertebrae. Furthermore, the facet joints and disc allow the vertebra to move, allowing you to bend or turn your neck and back. It consists of a durable outer layer called “annulus fibrosis” and a jelly-like center called “nucleus pulposus”.

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Symptoms of Cervical Disc Hernia

The most important symptom of cervical hernia is pain that starts from one side of the neck and spreads to the arm. This pain causes numbness and extends towards the fingertips. For this reason, the arm where the pain occurs weakens and loses strength.  As a result, it can cause loss of balance and so-called “falling down”. Eventually, in such cases, patients with cervical disc hernia have difficulty holding an object in their hands and have difficulty in walking. On the other hand, it can sometimes radiate to the shoulder blades and upper chest. The most basic cervical disc hernia symptoms are as below:

  • Pain and numbness in one arm
  • Dizziness, flies in the eyes, tinnitus accompanying this pain and numbness
  • Lack of concentration and nausea
  • Instability in walking
  • Loss of muscle strength
Cervical Disc Hernia

How to cure Cervical Disc Hernia?

When the solid outer layer of a spinal disc weakens, the liquid at the center ruptures through the disc, so a herniated disc takes place. When spinal nerves around the disc are pressed and this liquid contacts them, patients with herniated disc start feeling numbness, expansive neck and arm pain and tingling. The first step of the cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey consists of physical therapy, medication, spinal injections and resting at home. Additionally, recovering process generally takes 6 weeks and patients return to their normal life. However, surgery may be necessary depending on the severeness of the hernia. 

Spinal Discs Anatomy

Vertebrae (Spine) consists of 24 bones which are dynamic. Not only the spine’s neck (cervical) region carries and supports our head, it also allows us to move our head to left, right, up, down, forward and backward. In this way, people can turn their heads 180 degrees. In our neck, there are 7 spinal discs. Discs which behave as if impact absorbers are separated by the vertebrae and restrain vertebrae from friction.

The outer layer of spinal discs is the annulus. Spinal nerves come off our spinal cord at each joint of the discs. This requires cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey. These nerves allow sending and receiving messages throughout the body. 

Cervical Disc Hernia

There are various terms to describe a herniated disc which means herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey is essential. Intact disc annulus causes a bulging disc. An out-pouching develops and puts pressure on the nerves. On the other hand, a cracked or ruptured annulus causes a ruptured and slipped disc, which is a real herniated disc. This allows liquid in the nucleus to come off. When the hernia is too severe, even a free fragment forms, which means a broken piece of the disc is in the spinal tract.

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The Symptoms of Herniated Disc

According to the location of the pain and herniation, symptoms vary. Patients, with cervical herniated disc, mostly experience spreading pain throughout their arm and hands before they come to get cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey. Because of the pain, shoulder blade aches besides neck pain while moving the head and turning neck. For this reason, muscle spasms can be experienced and muscle lose starts.

On the other hand, some people, without any physical trauma, notice their herniated disc when they wake up in the morning. Moreover, they say elevating their arm over their head relieves their pain because it decreases the pressure on the near nerves.

  • Aging (Because aging cause discs to become harder by drying out.) 
  • Fibrous outer region weakening 
  • Smoking
  • Genetic factors
  • Driving or yard work (some kinds of occupations)
  • Entertainment and sportive activities (recreational activities)

Causes of Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

  • Physical injuries.
  • Picking up something improperly.
  • Naturally.
  • Aging (Because aging causes discs to become harder by drying out.) 
  • Fibrous outer region weakening 
  • Smoking
  • Genetic factors
  • Driving or yard work (some kinds of occupations)
  • Entertainment and sportive activities (recreational activities)

Early herniated disc or degeneration of disc usually stems from recreational activities and patients are supposed to get cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey.

Who are More Vulnerable to Herniated Discs

Even if it is mostly seen between the ages of 30 and 40, people who have strenuous jobs daily are more at the risk of developing a herniated disc.

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How to Diagnose a Herniated Disc in Antalya Med World Clinic

Firstly, if you think that you have a herniated disc, you can consult to our physiotherapists anytime you want. Secondly, our physiotherapist experts evaluate your medical history and symptoms first to determine whether the pain stems from prior injuries or unhealthy lifestyle. Next, they will perform a full physical examination to find the source and start to perform cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey. Our physical therapists test your muscle stiffness, weakness, and numbness as well.

Some Imaging Methods and Medical Equipments are Used

(MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

With or without a contrast agent injected in your bloodstream, our health experts take a detailed image of spinal discs

by using radiofrequency waves and magnetic field. On MRI scans, discs, and nerves are more visible than x-ray scans. Also, they can diagnose some other health problems like spinal cord tumors, bony overgrowth etc. with MRI scans before starting cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey.


Primarily, they inject a kind of harmless dye into the spinal canal in this process. Next, they use a fluoroscope x-ray machine to get the images. Thanks to the dye, our physicians can get a detailed view of the spinal canal and cord. What’s more, myelogram images reveal bony overgrowth, tumors, abscess and herniated disc as well. Our physio therapists in Antalya Med World Clinic physicians pursue the process with CT scan.

CT Scans (Computed Tomography) 

At first, doctors take 2-dimensional images with a computer and x-ray beam to decide if cervical herniated disc treatment should be performed in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey. Additively, this test is noninvasive. On the other hand, an injection substance can be used or not to detect the damaged disc by looking at these images easily.

(EMG) Electromyography

Muscles and nerves electrical activity is measured with EMG and NCS, which means Nerve Conduction Studies. Some needles, which are tiny, are placed in the patient’s nerves and muscles to record the electrical activity. If the patient has a herniated disc, there is no feeling on the nerves and movement on the muscles because of the pressure on them. Thus, health experts detect the weakness of the muscles and damages to the nerves.


Furthermore, doctors to decide cervical herniated disc treatment in our Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey utilize x-ray tests to find out changes in joints, fractures, and bone spurs. Nonetheless, x-ray tests are not enough to diagnose cervical herniated disc or other kinds of herniated disc.

Available Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment and Other Types of Herniated Disc

As nonsurgical treatments, physical therapy, massage therapy, exercising at home, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, pain management, medications, and resting comprise the first part of the treatment. 95 percent of the patients get better in six weeks and get on feet. However, in the cases which this conservative treatment does not work, our doctor, who will conduct cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey may consider surgical operation necessary.

Some of Nonsurgical Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment Applied in Antalya Med World Clinic

Self Care

By applying heat or ice to the place where the pain is felt, limiting exhausting activities

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during the day, taking medication that relieve the pain will be helpful. Patients start feeling better in the first days of self-care treatment.

In Antalya Med World Clinic, our doctors prescribe painkillers and muscle relaxants besides anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids for cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey.

Medications prescribed for Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment Self Care

  • Firstly, Naproxen, Alleve, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Celebrex are the examples of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain and decrease any inflammation.
  • Secondly, Tylenol as an analgesic, but using analgesics too long may cause stomach and kidney problems.
  • Thirdly, Methocarbamol like Robaxin, Cyclobenzaprine, Carisoprodol are examples of muscle relaxants.
  • Finally, Minimal dosage of steroids to decrease inflammation and swelling. It shows its effect in the first 24 hours.

Injecting Steroids for Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

During x-ray tests, some steroid injections are applied to the spine’s epidural space with an anesthetic agent. The purpose of this medication is to decrease inflammation and swelling as well as a part of cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey. Although it is temporary, all patients feel relief for a short period of time. Nevertheless, to recover fully, more injections may be necessary. Depending on the patient, pain relief may last for weeks, months or years. However, the treatment should include physical exercise program at home and physical therapy with these injections.

Physical Therapy As Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

Primarily, our physical therapist experts that conduct cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey will schedule an appropriate physical exercise program according to your needs. These exercises may include walking, lifting and stretching and strengthening your shoulder, arm, and neck muscles. By the way, strengthening your muscles and doing regular exercises must be a life-long habit for you to get rid of cervical herniated disc or other herniated disc issues.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Here are Some Holistic Therapies That Our Patients Find Beneficial and Enjoyable for Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment in Antalya Med World Clinic, Turkey

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Diet
  • Meditation
  • Acupressure
  • Biofeedback

Surgical Operations

On the one hand, for more severe cervical herniated disc, surgical operations are an option. While doctors are planning it, they consider some factors as patients age, medical history, health problems and what outcome they expect at the end of the operation. 

Anterior Cervical Discectomy Operation

At first, with a small incision, to expose the disc, doctors draw nerves, muscles, and vessels aside and remove the ruptured disc. After they remove the herniated disc, they fill it with bone graft to provide fusion. Then, they use metal screws and plates, which is necessary for cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey.

Artificial Spinal Disc Prosthesis

While performing an anterior cervical discectomy operation, surgeons insert a dynamic material that moves and acts as if a real disc. Fusion does not preserve movement, whereas artificial disc prosthesis enables discs to move. These resemble the knee and other implants that are used for joints. Besides, success rate of artificial spinal disc prosthesis and anterior cervical discectomy operations are the same. However, artificial spinal disc prosthesis/implants enable discs to move as if real discs and neighboring health issues.

Minimally Invasive Cervical Discectomy Operation

First, doctors utilize dilators, which are tiny tubes, to extend the incision place where they reach the vertebrae. Next, they might remove a small part of the bone to reach the disc and nerves around. During the surgical operation, microscopes and endoscopes are the equipment to disassemble the ruptured disc for cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey. On the other hand, minimally invasive cervical discectomy is better than conventional cervical discectomy operation, considering muscle damage.

Cervical Discectomy in Neck’s Back

To begin with, to reach the bony vertebrae and remove the damaged disc, surgeons make a tiny incision in the patient’s neck’s back region to decrease the pressure on the spinal nerves around the disc. After that, they extend the places where nerve roots are to restrain further nerve compressions.

Clinical Studies for New Cervical Herniated Disc Treatments in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey

For further herniated disc treatments, doctors test new medications, therapies, methods, and diagnostics on patients that accept to be a part of a trial. Our health experts are conducting new studies in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey, to improve cervical herniated disc treatment standards. In addition to these, Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, national health institutes and private business owners prefer to sponsor these clinical studies. 

Recovery Process of Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

8 out of 10 of us experience back and neck pain at some point in our lives. However, with professional support, most cases get better in six weeks. The most important parts of the recovery process are getting better fast, starting work fast, turning back to daily routine, being optimistic during the herniated disc treatment and following the treatment program fetisely. If a patient’s job requires heavy work, he or she must not work during the recovery process of cervical herniated disc treatment in Antalya Medworld Clinic, Turkey.

How to Avoid Recrudescence of Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

  • There are some picking up and bending techniques that can help not to get a herniated disc again.
  • Being optimistic.
  • Quitting smoking.
  • Adjusting your working place depending on your needs.
  • It is also essential to get an orthopedic bed, changing sleeping habits, not standing or sitting long and being careful about your movements (not doing any sudden moves).

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