Women Check Up

Women Check Up

With check-up at the right time, it is possible to avoid many deadly diseases. Even though there are no complaints and diseases, regular check-ups can be performed once a year, and insidious diseases can be detected in the early period. With a very short time, you can check your health status with your check-up and learn about your illnesses at the beginning; you can be treated on the time.

Every woman should realize the importance of health and make time for healthy practices. Regular exercise, good habits and choosing the right foods. Every woman should also know that routine health check-up is extremely important so that potential problems can be spotted early and if necessary, initiate the necessary treatment.

VIP: Female Check-Up Package

VIP (Female) Check-up package is created for females from 36-45 years who work under stress and have abnormal working hours that can affect their health. The scanning will concentrate on risk of heart disease and abdominal organs.

Women Check-Up Package


  • Cardiology Examination
  • Gynecology Examination
  • Internal Medical Examination
  • ENT Examination
  • Medical Aesthetic Examination
  • Dietitian Examination
  • Dental Examination

Cardiology Tests

  • EKG (Electrocardiography)
  • ECO


  • Chest X-ray (One Way)
  • Whole Abdominal USG
  • Thyroid USG
  • Breast USG
  • Digital Mammography Two Sided
  • Panoramic Dental X-ray

Laboratory Tests

  • AFP (Alfa-Fetoprotein)
  • Glucose (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  • HBsAG, Anti HBs, Anti HCV, Total
  • CA 125, CA 15-3,CA19-9
  • CRP,HS (Sensitive)
  • ESR (Sedimentation)
  • GCT (G-Glutamyl Transferase)
  • Blood Count (Hemogram)-18 Parameters
  • Creatitine
  • HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol
  • Cholesterol TOTAL, Cholesterol TOTAL / HDL
  • Vitamin D3 (25-HYDROXY)
  • Complete Urine Analysis (TIT)
  • Uric Acid
  • PAP Smear (Cervical or vaginal cytology,with smear preparations)