What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus;  It is the problem that sexual intercourse becomes impossible or painful as a result of the contraction of the muscles surrounding the outer part of the vagina during sexual intercourse.  Contractions in the vagina may also be accompanied by contractions in other parts of the body.

A woman who is panicked by the severity of contractions and fear can push her partner during intercourse and shut herself off completely.  These behaviors can be perceived by the spouse as if he does not want the relationship or he is deliberately closing himself off.  However, the contractions are completely involuntary and it is not in the woman’s power to relax.

Pubic lift surgery (monsplasty)

Vaginismus Causes

Among the causes of vaginismus, there are psychological reasons with a rate of 90%.

The main causes of vaginismus are;

  • Lack of sexual knowledge and education, Familial life, parental attitude,
  • Environment, society and cultural factors in which the person lives,
  • Incorrect information about the first night,
  • Incorrect information about the hymen,
  • Personality structure, Sexual trauma, Troubled gynecological examinations and treatments,
  • Genital area problems.
Vaginismus Treatment

How is Vaginismus Treatment Done?

Vaginismus treatment can be performed by obstetricians who have sexual therapy training.  Vaginismus treatment is performed with psychotherapy-based treatment methods, in which the couples participate jointly and separately, following the gynecological examination.

Treatment is supported by various vaginismus exercises and homework given by the doctor according to the vaginismus stage and clinical situation.