Erection Problems (Erectile Dysfunction) Solution

Prosthetic Implant

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Sex and relationships are an important part of every men’s lives. Many men are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. This can include improving existing problems or searching for new ways to keep your partner happy.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It’s also sometimes referred to as impotence. Occasional ED isn’t uncommon. Many men experience it during times of stress. Frequent ED can be a sign of health problems that need treatment.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable? Definitely Yes!
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Penile Prosthesis Application (Happiness Stick)

Erection Problems Definite Solution Packages

  • 7 Days Rixos Hotel Accommodation
  • Transfer Airport – Hotel – Airport
  • Wellcome Spa Treatment – Relax Massage
  • Urologist consultation
  • 6 session of ESWT Shock Wave Therapy
  • Accompanying person free stay
  • Dental & Oral Health Сonsultation

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