ESWT Shock Wave Therapy

ESWT Shock Wave Therapy

In ESWT shock wave therapy, the sound wave generated outside the body using a special applicator is transferred to the target area in the muscle, tendon or bone.  Sound waves are 10 times stronger than ultrasound waves and their effect is similar to the ripple effect when a stone is thrown into the water.  This micro level trauma helps soft tissues heal;  It provides regeneration of new blood vessels and nerve cells.

Effect of Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Problems

Shockwave therapy can stimulate blocked or weakened blood vessels to heal permanently.  This effect occurs when shock waves stimulate the release of an important growth agent, promoting the growth and regeneration of muscle cells.  The increased formation of muscle cells increases the contraction of blood vessels and thus their function.  As a result, shockwave therapy has the effect that some forms of erectile dysfunction caused by circulatory disorders can not only decrease but also improve.

Erectile Dysfunction is Curable

Duration of Treatment

Treatment is carried out in practice rooms on an outpatient basis.  Shock waves are transmitted to the penis through a probe.  In each session, 3 to 6 areas on the stretched penis are treated for a few minutes.  A session usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.  The application is painless.  Return to social life occurs immediately after treatment.

As a rule, it takes about six weeks with once-a-week administration until the shockwaves fully open their effects and sustainably alleviate erectile problems.  With healthy people who do not have increased risk factors for metabolic diseases that affect the bloodstream, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, erectility is usually permanently preserved after shockwave therapy.  However, it is also possible to repeat shockwave therapy after a few months or years.

In addition, shock wave therapy is a good alternative for men who do not respond to medical treatment or who do not require medical treatment due to side effects.

ESWT Shock Wave Therapy

Who Is Shock Wave Therapy Suitable For?

Shock wave therapy is a good option in the treatment of erection problems.  But like other treatment options, it’s not suitable for every man.  The causes of erection problems are varied and a correct diagnosis is the decisive step towards the goal.

Shock wave therapy may not work if the blood vessels to the penis are not severely damaged.  This is in the early stages of the erection problem.  However, shock wave therapy is a good alternative for people who do not respond to other treatment methods or who do not require medical treatment for various reasons.