Medworld Clinic - Qigong

Qigong, whose roots are believed to date back 5000 years ago, in other words, Chi-Kung or Chi-Gong, is the general name for the studies that will enable the Gong energy to flow in the body in a balanced and orderly way, which we can also define as the life energy in traditional Chinese medicine. In other words, Qigong is part of Chinese medicine and martial arts, which regulate the physical energy balance of the body using certain physical postures and physical breathing techniques.

Qigong is an inner art that aims to increase the energy of the person, to calm the mind, to focus on the body, to discard the negative energies and to fill the body with a positive life force (with positive energy). Considered one of the most fundamental practices of martial arts such as Taiji and Kung-Fu, Qigong is also known as an) inner alchemy science-for a healthy life.