Vitamin C IV Therapy

Our high-dose Vitamin C IV therapy is formulated to make your skin glow and give your immune system a super boost to fight colds, flu, stress and low energy.

Vitamin C IV infusions make it easy to get all the vitamin C you need and provide immediate benefits by allowing your body to completely absorb the nutrients through your bloodstream.

About Vitamin C
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble nutrient essential for growth and repair of all the tissues in your body.1 Your body can’t make or store vitamin C, so it’s important to get plenty of vitamin C on a daily basis.

Vitamin C is well known for strengthening the immune system and guarding against sickness. Vitamin C is also important for healthy skin and can give you a quick pick-me-up when you’re feeling a little run down.

Our Vitamin C drip also contains magnesium, zinc, biotin and other beneficial nutrients. Explore other IV drip ingredients we use or learn more about vitamin C infusions:

Vitamin C IV Therapy
Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy

Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy

Vitamin C benefits your immune system, contributes to wound healing, helps your body absorb iron, and assists with forming collagen. It is an antioxidant and protects against toxins like pollution. Research has shown:

  • Vitamin C boosts your blood’s antioxidant levels so your natural defenses are better at fighting inflammation. This may reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease.
  • Vitamin C has been shown to help reduce blood pressure, another risk factor for heart disease.
  • Vitamin C treatments may help people who suffer from gout, by reducing the amount of uric acid in the blood and helping protect against painful gout attacks.
  • Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron better, reducing the risk of anemia.
  • Vitamin C may protect thinking and memory functions as the years advance. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C combats oxidative stress in the brain and nerves. Low levels of vitamin C have been linked to impaired memory and cognitive performance.
  • Vitamin C protects pregnant women against prenatal health problems such as anemia, and it supports the baby’s growth and immune system.
  • Vitamin C has been shown to help prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin C protects skin against wrinkling, discoloration and other signs of aging and helps regenerate the skin by increasing collagen formation.
  • Vitamin C helps reduce mental and physical symptoms of stress.