Lip Enhancement

Lip aesthetics are the method applied to thicken the lips and to the people who have thin lips and unhappy because of this. The size of the lips and the shape should be in proportion and proportion to the other parts of the face. Otherwise the only application aiming at lip swelling is causing an artificial appearance.

for this purpose, the appropriate operation process is started considering the anatomical characteristics and capacity of your mouth in order to get the most natural and harmonious ratio for your appearance.

One of the most frequently applied methods in the world of lip aesthetic applications is injection of fill material.

Filling your lips by injecting tissues from your own body (fat, fascia, skin cells) is a way of avoiding the risk of filling substances, if at all, of existing allergic reactions.

It is a frequently preferred method by our patients and doctors because of the fact that injection of filler material into the lips is simple, practical, safe, inexpensive and does not require a healing period.

The sliding of the lip tissue is done by cutting the inside of the mouth (it does not leave any marks since it is not cut from the outside) and the lips are made more prominent.