Caci Ultra-Ultimate-Snynergy

CACI International is the supportive force behind the CACI Non-Surgical Facial Tightening systems, which are appreciated by the world, and has been the leader in anti-aging technologies for over 20 years. CACI treatments have been chosen as the most effective anti-aging treatments among current treatments. The treatments applied by CACI, which is followed by many celebrities, are generally described as the beauty secret of red carpet.

CACI customers include royal family members, television and movie stars, super models, beauty editors and make-up artists from all over the world. As the name implies, CACI Ultimate is indeed a superior aesthetic treatment system. The microcurrent provides a combined solution with toning of facial muscles, Micro Dermabrasion with crystalline rotating head and LED Light Therapy with photo stimulation.

The multifunctional features of the system enable the operator to offer the most comprehensive non-surgical treatment options for men and women of all ages. The microcurrent intonation phase uses a combination of certain waveforms and ultra-low frequencies that are compatible with the body’s own bio-electric field to provide immediate facial firming effect.

The Ultimate touch screen has 45 preset treatment programs and automatic sequential treatment modes to soften lines, wrinkles, correct facial tones, rejuvenate hand, purify skin moisture against sun damage, treat cracks and pimples / blemishes.