Medworld Clinic  that has high-tech health equipment has established in Antalya in order to improve health tourism in Turkey. Our clinic locates in exotic garden of Rixos Downtown Hotel in Antalya that is capital of tourism. Our guests  who  comes  from all around the world will benefit  from  health services in our clinic and at the same time continue their holiday in the luxury concept.

We provide airport-hotel transfer service and translation with native language of patients service with our guest relations department. In addition our call center supports many services 7/24 such as booking hotel and getting an appointment for examination.

Medworld Clinic has been officially recognized by the Health Ministry of Republic of Turkey and supported our efforts to  improve the health tourism in Turkey.

Medworld Clinic includes dental, eye, dermatology, phytotherapy, algology, orthopedics clinics as well as check-up and detox packages. In addition, our institution has a cooperation agreement with world-famous Memorial Hospital in Antalya. For this reason, in many areas such as oncology, neurosurgery, cardiology, it can help you even in the case of serious diseases requiring high-tech medical care (cardioprotection, bone marrow transplantation, general surgery (da Vinci robot), urology, gynecology, IVF etc.).

In  summary, Medworld Clinic offers healthcare services at the Rixos Hotels in Antalya, for those who do not have the opportunity to be treated in their own country or who want to receive treatment with a comfortable holiday. We continue our efforts to provide the most appropriate treatment for our patients with our specialist doctors and high developed devices.

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